Guitar Lesson 2020 POLICY


30 minute lessons:  $135.00 monthly flat fee

45 minute lessons:  $185.00 monthly flat fee


Lessons are once weekly with a rounded average of 4 per month provided during the students assigned time slot over the course of the calendar year.  This means that the number of lessons provided per month will range from 3 to 5 but will most often be four.  This allows me to take major holidays and a couple personal days throughout the year.  The bottom line is that by the end of the year I will have offered at least 45 lessons at the students agreed upon weekly time slot.

The flat monthly fee applies regardless of how many lessons the student actually attends.  One make-up lesson per month may be requested if over 24 hour notice is given prior to the student's absence.  These are not guaranteed as there are a finite amount of makeup slots available during any given week.   

An inactive fee of half the monthly rate can be paid in the case of longer absences.  This holds the student's time slot upon their return.

Thank you for your patronage and I look forward to starting you on your musical journey!

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